SHARE the Gospel

“…and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.
— Philemon 1:6

The gospel is a deeply personal message that speaks first to individuals (I Peter 4:17, Matthew 7:5) before it can speak to the masses. This means that sharing the gospel with non-believers must take on a personal expression by building personal relationships or in other words, sharing the gospel with our lives by serving others.

As theologian and cultural expert John Piper clearly articulates in his book, “Desiring God:”

“When the gospel is communicated in preachy, impersonal, intolerant, know-it-all ways, people find it hard to believe. Typically, this style of evangelism is reduced to information. We content ourselves with ‘name-dropping’ Jesus or telling people doctrine, but rarely do we draw near enough to people to know how the gospel applies to their actual lives. People want to know why the gospel is worth believing.

In an increasingly unbelieving culture, those of us who believe in the Resurrected Lord—Jesus Christ—must come down from our doctrinal bullhorns and share the gospel by being the gospel in tangible ways to others. We have to look beyond the behaviors and see the people as Christ sees them.

Getting to the heart of the story

A key way to do that is through story. We believe so strongly in the power of personal narratives that we took it as our name!! Those of us who have discovered the transformative power of the story of Jesus Christ are now compelled—and commissioned—to share our own stories or redemption. But in order to share effectively, we must first hear—and listen—to the heart stories of those who have yet to discover this man called Jesus. This is why we embrace John Piper’s “five ways “forward for believable evangelism:”

  • To those searching for acceptance in all the wrong places, we can point them to perfect acceptance in the gospel of justification.
  • To those searching for fulfilling relationships, we can point them to profound, personal union with Christ.
  • To those who struggle with tolerance, we can show them the uniqueness of Christ in the gospel of redemption.
  • To those who fear disapproval or demand the applause of others, we can share the gospel of adoption, which offers an enduring approval and produces humble confidence.
  • To anyone longing for a new start, there is the hope of new creation.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a vibrant message of Good News! People need to see that we who profess to know Christ in a deeply personal way truly believe what we confess. This seeing comes from finding ways to SHARE the gospel in tangible ways. What’s your story?





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(Children ages 3-8)


Our ministries are designed to be transformational. We want our people to develop a well-rounded theology of boots—a theology that shapes their own story into practical, ministry-centered living. This serves to Equip.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of God’s love toward humanity. We stress discipleship as a means to help our people mature and grow in the knowledge of Christ in order to love God and help others discover the power of His story. This serves to Save.


The ultimate outcome for those who call Narratives home is to share the Gospel with their lives. Ideally, that transpires in the normal ebbs and flows of their daily lives, which we call rhythms. This serves to Send.