It is impossible to only attend church for only an hour or two on Sunday and develop deep, meaningful connections. Growth groups are Narratives way of connecting people together. Since the church isn’t a building but a group of people in community, cultivating relationships is our primary focus. Growth groups, which we call Missional Communities, are just the place to do this.

As a missionally minded congregation, Narratives uses a two-pronged approach in cultivating community. The first prong of our gatherings is centered around service to the community and to one another, meeting each others needs, learning what it means to follow Jesus and having fun together.

The second, distinctive prong focuses on personal spiritual growth, which is accomplished in community through our two-year Discipleship Pathway. By combining our discipleship courses within Missional Communities, participants are growing and serving together as they practically model Christ’s example in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces. It’s a lifestyle we call Live. Love. Share.

Check our Missional Communities page to see which group best meets your needs.