Children Under 3

If your child is under 3, take advantage of our Nursery/Toddler room (Nursery Rhyme) at the rear of the sanctuary. From this room, moms can discretely nurse their babies while enjoying the service from the tinted picture window or toddlers may be left with a trained attendant who will oversee their play or monitor their sleep in our crib.

Children Ages 3 to 9

StoryTime is our fun and exciting program for children between the ages of 3-1/2 and 9. (In keeping with our emphasis on developing missional-minded Christ-followers, we do allow older children the opportunity to practice serving others by assisting in StoryTime or in the nursery on a case-by-case basis). Because we believe strongly that church life should be multi-generational and that children need strong role models, all of our children participate in family worship before they are dismissed for their specialized program.

Teachers who work with your children aren’t just glorified babysitters or there to keep them busy. They are passionate about teaching children to love Jesus. It is our desire that Narratives’ children are even more passionate about Jesus at 30 as they are at 3 and 13. We do this by sharing our lives and being the same person on Tuesday as we are on Sunday. Our lives are open books and real, but we do set boundaries to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Our curriculum revolves around the story-telling concept, which includes fine arts, intentional crafts and Bible verse memorization.

Children Over 9

Children older than 9 currently worship with the adults, but we intend to offer age-appropriate programs in the future.