Apostolos School of Leadership and Church Planting exists to disciple and release leaders for Kingdom impact through Christian service and church planting. We will accomplish this by focusing on three action points: Live. Love. Share.


Our classroom time is both informational and transformational. We want our students to develop a well-rounded theology of boots—a theology that they can easily apply in practical, ministry-centered living. This serves to Equip.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of God’s love toward humanity. We expect our students to love Jesus as their highest calling. We want our students to love the process of maturing and growing in the knowledge of Christ in order to love God—and others—in increasing measure. This serves to Motivate.


The ultimate outcome for our students is to share the Gospel with their lives. Whether it be through the ebbs and flows of their daily life, serving in their local congregation, or church planting. This serves to Send.

Apostolos School launched its first Leadership Certificate Cohort in March and will begin offering a bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership this September. Although our school is not yet accredited we are in the process of securing full accreditation through TRACS –Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. For further exploration, visit www.tracs.org.

To learn more about Apostolos School, our mission, vision, degree options, course offerings, instructor profiles, tuition, and application process, visit www.apostoloscp.org.

We are eager to expand the Kingdom alongside you.