On Sunday, Ben Phaychanpheng, a seminary student and deacon at Narratives Church, brought to us a message on Jehovah Shalom (peace), one of a series of sermons on the Names of God. So far, we’ve learned about Jehovah Jireh (provider), Jehovah Nissi (banner), Jehovah Rapha (healer) and Jehovah Raah (shepherd).

Each one of these names reflects a specific characteristic of God. Each one of these gives us another dimension of His magnificence. Each one of these offers a revelation into His power—and His desire of divine intimacy with every one of his children.

The sermon series has been a great reminder to me of the significance of a name. It brings to mind a song recorded by Tommy Walker on his album, “Never Gonna Stop.” Prior to the song, “He Knows My Name,” Walker spends 1 minute and 47 seconds sharing a story about a young boy he met while visiting an orphanage in the Philippines. A portion of it went like this:

“He came running up to me and he introduced himself to me and he said, “Hi, my name is Jerry,” and I told him who I was and he says, “We’re friends, right?” I said, “That’s right, Jerry, we’re friends.”

And then, about an hour or so later, he came running up to me again. He said, “Hey, what’s my name?” I said, “Uh…Jerry! I know your name. You’re name’s Jerry.” He had a big smile on his face. He says, “We’re friends, right?” I said, “That’s right, Jerry.”

Walker goes on to say that the Lord broke his heart for the child when he “realized that Jerry was an orphan abandoned as a baby and Jerry had such a deep longing just to be known—such a deep desire for someone to know him and to love him.”

The musician acknowledged that we all have the same desire as Jerry, before he launched into “He Knows My Name.” It’s a short song with a simple, but profound chorus:

He knows my name, He knows my every thought,
He sees each tear that falls and hears me when I call

It’s a true picture of intimacy and a vast and often confusing world.

Most assuredly, each one of us has been blessed when someone we previously met has remembered our name. We feel valued. We feel seen. We feel loved. As much as we love it, though, try to imagine how God must feel when His children remember—and honor—His names.

It must be music to His ears.

Join us as we learn some more of His names in the coming weeks.



Pastor Lori

P.S. In England my name (lorry) means a truck. That’s a whole other conversation, but one I’m happy to share. Just ask. See you Sunday.

Photo Credit: IKO