“There is something intrinsic to humanity that is drawn to beauty … this desire for and recognition of beauty is something unique to human beings. Dogs do not contemplate a sunset. Animals do not ponder the beauty of the landscape. It is true the heavens are declaring the glory of God, but most of the creatures on the planet are oblivious to this fact. They neither make nor observe nor appreciate art. They stage no dramas, write no music, and paint no portraits. The desire for art is something unique and nearly universal among human beings.”
— Albert Mohler, theologian

Our world is filled with busy complexities. At Narratives Church we aspire to cultivate an environment of simple beauty.  Beauty that can be absorbed restfully.  Beauty that draws us out to be in creation and enjoy God’s handiwork. Beauty that calls us into intimate fellowship with God and others.
Scriptural basis: John 1:3, Job 12: 7-10, Psalm 96:11-12, Psalm 95: 4-5, Psalm 19:1, Romans 1:20