Narratives Church,

By Ben Phaychanpheng

It was my honor and pleasure preaching to you all. As a recap to my “Intentional Living in Christ” sermon, I went over three key themes.

• Spiritual complacency

• Examples of spiritual complacency

• Warnings against complacency

I used two books of the Bible, first in Zephaniah 1:12 and the other in Luke 12:16-19. The first point was, “Don’t let your lifestyle become satisfied where you become PROUD and FORGET the Lord. Both are clear stepping stones to complacency. I also gave you the example of how God is omniscient, and He will search everything about us and whatever we have that is not offered back to Him will be taken away!

In my second point I mentioned that “True retirement is CONTINUOUS SERVICE unto the Lord and LOVING others. In Luke, Jesus spoke about the parable of the Rich Fool. Luke appropriately connects Jesus’ parable about greed (vv. 13-21) with His teaching on anxiety over material possessions (vv. 22-34). The parable, it seems, is directed toward the rich, whereas this section addresses the impoverished. The point is that material possessions can overcome the faith of both those who have much and those who have little-both types of people need to seek God and trust Him with the outcome.

Last, but not least, my third point was, “Seeking righteousness, seek humility and repentance!” When you get out of spiritual complacency, then your faith turns into a FIREHOUSE!!!

Now for this week’s application: GO my brothers and sisters, in whatever context He puts you in, and feed the desire that was put in you Sunday to be the Light in this dark and wicked world.

Love you and have a blessed week,

Your brother, Ben Phaychanpheng

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