Mary Miller

7What one word would you use to describe your relationship with Jesus? GPS
Favorite Bible figure? Peter
Favorite Scripture? Jeremiah 31:3, Esther 4:14, Psalm 91, Psalm 37:23-24
What is your dream ministry outreach? Prayer and deliverance ministry
Craziest thing you ever ate? Congealed lard in Ukraine
Your dream occupation would be? Writer
Craziest recreational feat? Jumplining
Your last meal would be? 12-ounce ribeye medium rare
If you still have a childhood toy, what is it? Books
What childhood game did you excel at? Scrabble
Favorite movie? Princess Bride
First job? Working in Dad’s workshop
Favorite book (besides the Bible)? Dorothy Sayers’ “Gaudy Night”
What celebrity, dead or alive, would you most like to dine with? Elizabeth Schaeffer
Something people would be surprised to know about me? I love cats, fountain pens, old books. During my sixth-grade year we lived out in the country, built our house from the ground up (I hung insulation, drywall, ran wires, and painted) and used an outhouse privy, Mrs. Jones, until we got septic, around 3 months. Warmed up water over a wood stove for a bucket bath once a week. Thankfully, we homeschooled!