Lori Arnold

6What one word would you use to describe your relationship with Jesus? Knitted
Favorite Bible figure? Peter
Favorite Scripture? Psalm 139
What is your dream ministry outreach? Sharing the gospel from an ice cream truck
Craziest thing you ever ate? Rattlesnake
Your dream occupation would be? Working in the West Wing
Craziest recreational feat? Hot air ballooning
Your last meal would be? Herbed ribeye with gorgonzola at Shugrue’s Hillside in Sedona
If you still have a childhood toy, what is it? Crissy doll with “growing” hair
What childhood game did you excel at? Tetherball
Favorite movie? Sound of Music or Hope Floats
First job? Drug store cashier
Favorite book (besides the Bible)? “God Hides in Plain Sight” by Point Loma Nazarene journalism professor, Dean Nelson.
What celebrity, dead or alive, would you most like to dine with? Ronald Reagan
Something people would be surprised to know about me? I was La Mesa’s first Miss Oktoberfest.