Lead Pastor Search


Oct. 30, 2017

Narratives Church Family,

We are missional individuals called by God into intimate relationship with Him. We know His voice and willingly surrender to His leadership in our lives. We bear the fruit of His laws written upon our hearts in our relationships and world. We are also a missional community, committed to building each other up in love, impacting our world with the reality of His Kingdom and serving Him from joined positions of humility and obedience.

When individuals within our family shift into transition, our community does the same. As Pastor Mark and his family heard God’s voice earlier this year and are transitioning out of Narratives Church on December 31st, our community has been seeking a new Lead Pastor. Though we’d hoped to have the search process completed by November, we will be renewing full force efforts in January 2018.

During our transition, we will continue as an elder led church. The opportunities ahead of us to know God for ourselves and in community are wide-open and exciting! This is a time of discovery, exploration and interdependence. What could our Sunday morning worship services look like when more individuals are in active participation? We’re about to find out together! What could our worship look like outside the accepted standard structure? We’re about to find out together!

We long for us to be like the community mentioned in the third chapter of Malachi. When the Lord heard the people who feared and honored His name talking together, a scroll of remembrance was written about them. “They will be mine” said the Lord Almighty, “my treasured possession.” Let’s move forward together in anticipation and assurance of the Lord’s compassion and greatness!

On behalf of the pastoral search committee,

Tami Ashland
Pastor of Spiritual Formation

May 15, 2017

Narratives Church has actively begun seeking a new bi-vocational Lead Pastor. We are eager to discover the new work and season God has underway for Narratives. While none of us know precisely what that consists of, there’s no place we’d rather be than right in the middle of what God is doing!


  • “We are a band of REDEEMED liars, cheaters, thieves, gluttons, adulterers, and idol worshippers who desire to abandon ourselves wildly to God, love passionately, serve generously, narrate Jesus conversationally and lead others to the live the same way.”
  • We are a missional non-denominational church plant from 2008 in the San Diego area with 45 people in average weekly attendance
  • LIVE. LOVE. SHARE. is our missional strategy
  • We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, His imminent return and that the Bible is the infallible Word of God
  • We are a demographically and denominationally diverse community, with backgrounds including Baptist, Pentecostal/Charismatic, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and more
  • http://narrativeschurch.org/


  • You’ve earned a Master of Divinity degree and have two or more years practical pastoral experience
  • You have a proven track record of keeping your life in harmony with the Word of God, being a worthy example of Christian living and having a vital relationship with God, from which your ministry flows
  • You lead and live from a place of authenticity and challenge others toward the same
  • You have strategic leadership ability combined with a collaborative approach
  • You are a lover of people with well‐developed interpersonal skills, being tactful, mature and having a flexible demeanor
  • You are a curious lifelong learner and have a teachable attitude
  • You are serious about the Scriptures, missional living and other biblical disciplines, but don’t take yourself too seriously


  • You will serve as primary preacher and collaborate with leaders to plan weekly worship services
  • You will lead, equip and provide pastoral oversight for and bring alignment to all ministry staff and teams
  • You will advance the missional vision of Narratives Church by developing the congregation as a community that actively cares for one another and intentionally reaches out to those beyond the church walls
  • You will build cooperative partnerships with other ministry leaders and organizations in the San Diego area
  • You will equip, coach, serve, mobilize and deploy the body into ministry opportunities aligned with their call and gifting


  • We will provide a salary and housing allowance for your part-time position, which will last for at least six months and then shift to full-time as committed tithing trends emerge
  • We will commit to and support your successful transition into our city, congregation and your lead pastor position
  • We will embrace change and trust the Holy Spirit’s work therein
  • We will partner with you to help Believers practically work out their relationship with Christ and invite others into relationship with Him
  • We will bring the vital components of “humor and heart” into our relationship with you, as they already thrive within our community

Those interested in applying should contact Pastor Tami Ashland, the search committee chairwoman, at tamisnarrative@gmail.com. Mail inquiries can be sent to Narratives Church, 450 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 224, El Cajon, CA 92020.






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