Several weeks ago Pastor Mark received a letter from a local resident who is serving time at a Central California prison. Now enrolled in a 12-step program, the inmate requested some help, so Narratives purchased a few items that he needed. Here is the note he sent back. He also sent a hand-crafted card, which is featured in the cropped photo above. Impact and Influence at work!

Dear Pastor Mark:

This afternoon I received the four pads of paper and two books of postage stamps you sent to help me with the writing of my amends. Actually, the letters have been written for a while, but I borrowed paper to be able to finish. Most guys here don’t have much—just like me. It will be nice to pay that many back. Of the 47 letters written, 40 will be able to go out with this (letter).

I am writing with sincere gratitude to thank you so very much for helping me. All I’m trying to do is fix what I have broken in the past. People like yourself see that others are trying to do what is right and help.

I love art. I have some oil pastels and collect flowers and weeds from the prison yard. I dry and press them, later make arrangements like the one I am sending. I don’t have much to offer but hope this lets you know who much I appreciate your help.


There is no greater power, no greater love, no greater joy and hope than that which is found Christ Jesus. I ask God to grant you peace of mind and heart, a generous spirit of gratitude, a willingness to follow Christ Jesus.


Perhaps we can pray these gifts for each other.


Sincerely in Christ,