Editor’s note: Before leading us into worship on Sunday morning, Levi Michaud took a few minutes to share how God was working in his life last week. We asked him to share it with the full community through this week’s In the Know. Here’s his thoughts.

My ordinary trip to the gym turned out to be anything but ORDINARY. Right as I entered the Crunch Fitness in Lakeside, I realized there was a girl on a treadmill holding a guitar. She was strumming and walking at the same time!

Curious, I went up to her and asked, laughing, why she had the guitar. She said that she wanted to play music at the beach, but her friends wanted to go to the gym; so they made a compromise.

I commended her on her courage. She said, “thank you,” and asked if I played. I said I did and she immediately insisted I play a song… right there… at the gym.

I said OK.

So I started playing the beginning of a worship song – only a verse and a chorus. When I finished, I was surprised to find the whole gym applauding. After clapping, they started chanting, “one more song!”  over and over again. I figured it would die down and I could get back to my workout, but it didn’t. So I agreed and took the guitar. I started singing another worship song.

During the song, about seven people came up and started singing with us. We were worshiping The Lord Jesus Christ at Crunch Fitness in Lakeside!! Half the gym got involved.

None of us knew each other until that moment, but God brought us together.

Eventually I got back to my workout, but it was encouraging to see The Holy Spirit show up when least expected. Praise The Lord!

But the Lord wasn’t finished.

The next day, I had a similar experience. A friend and I randomly decided to go to the beach with a guitar and sing some songs of praise and worship beside the waves. When we did, it was clear God was doing something. Dozens of people continuously stopped by, some of them Christians, others weren’t. Each of them seemed to be encouraged and excited to get more involved in church. We ended up praying and worshipping with strangers.

I’ve been in communication with a few recently. Continue to pray God works in each of their lives. Dozens of people! Thank you Jesus!

Stepping out in faith,

Levi Michaud