What one word would you use to describe your relationship with Jesus? Friend

Favorite Bible figure? Jesus

Favorite Scripture? John 3:16

What is your dream ministry outreach? Men’s Leadership Training

Craziest thing you ever ate? Cricket

Your dream occupation would be? Traveling and speaking to people about how they can grow and be transformed in Christ Jesus

Craziest recreational feat? Sky diving

Your last meal would be? In and Out No. 2 Animal Style burger and fries

If you still have a childhood toy, what is it? Ninja Turtles

What childhood game did you excel at? Tetris on Gameboy

Favorite movie? Fast and Furious

First job? Disneyland as a cooker

Favorite book (besides the Bible)? Who Moved My Cheese

What celebrity, dead or alive, would you most like to dine with? Michael Jackson

Something people would be surprised to know about me? I’m not big on eating raisins