What is Apostolos?

Apostolos is Greek for “sent one with a message,” and is derived from the word apostellein, which is where we get the word apostle.

Apostolos School of Leadership and Church Planting exists to disciple and release leaders for Kingdom impact through Christian service and church planting. We accomplish this by focusing on three action points: LIVE. LOVE. SHARE.

With so many viable options for Christian-based, post-secondary instruction, why Apostolos? It’s simple. Our focus is honed in on two critical areas of ministry: leadership and church planting. We use a collaborative model that is designed to help students begin their ministry well before their certificates are in hand. Each eight-week course is designed to prepare graduates for effective Kingdom impact whether it’s in the local church, parachurch, marketplace, family structures or planting new churches. Upon satisfactory completion of all 10 courses, students will receive a Leadership Certificate.

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